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Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2019

Volume 9, Issue 3, April 2019

Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2019

Volume 9, Issue 1, October 2018

Volume 8, Issue 5, July 2018

The Buzz: Raoul Peck’s The Young Karl Marx, by Jonathan Beecher

Maybe Missed: A Small Movement With a Big Agenda: Robin Campillo’s BPM, by V. Hunter Capps

Classics in the Classroom: A Napoleon for the Digital Age, by Howard G. Brown

Volume 8, Issue 4, March 2018

The Buzz: Beyond the Gates of Hell: Jacques Doillon’s Rodin, by Neil McWilliam
The Buzz: Waiting for Godot: Jo Baker, A Country Road, A Tree, by Alan Morris

Maybe Missed: Arab Jazz by Karim Miské, by Kimberly A. Arkin

Volume 8, Issue 3, December 2017

The Buzz: Ça ira (1) fin de Louis: Interview with Guillaume Mazeau, by Liana Vardi, Guillaume Mazeau

Maybe Missed: Loving Picasso (or Not), by Robin Walz

Classics in the Classroom: Celebrating Popular Revolution: Jean Renoir’s La Marseillaise (1938), by Laura Mason

Volume 8, Issue 2, November 2017

The Buzz: A Buddy-Detective Romp through Semiology: The Seventh Function of Language, by Michael Mulvey

Maybe Missed: The Making of a Modern Man: Jean-Christophe Rufin’s Jacques Coeur, by Daniel Hobbins

Classics in the Classroom: Adapting Emile Zola’s L’Assommoir, René Clément’s Gervaise (1956), by Rosemary A. Peters-Hill

Volume 8, Issue 1, October 2017

The Buzz: Alberto Serra’s La mort de Louis XIV, by W. Gregory Monahan

Maybe Missed: Libya and the Holocaust: Yossi Sucary’s Benghazi-Bergen-Belsen, by Jessica R. Hammerman

Classics in the Classroom: “Blame it on the Casbah”: The White Male Imperialist Fantasies of Duvivier’s Pépé le Moko, by Michael G. Vann

Volume 7, Issue 6, July 2017

The Buzz: Truth or fiction and why it matters. A look at Ivan Jablonka, Emmanuel Carrère, and Laurent Binet, by Liana Vardi

Maybe Missed: HHhH by Laurent Binet, by Liana Vardi

Classics in the Classroom: L’Adversaire by Emmanuel Carrère, by Liana Vardi

Volume 7, Issue 5, April 2017

The Buzz: The tormented artist and his friend: Danièle Thompson’s Cézanne et moi, by Marco Deyasi

Maybe Missed: Reversed Gazes and Blended Genres: Divines (2016), by Thibault Schilt

Classics in the Classroom: Banlieue Cinema: La Haine (1995), by Michael Gott

Volume 7, Issue 4, March 2017

The Buzz: Versailles On a Dark and Stormy Night, by Charlotte C. Wells

Maybe Missed: Avec l’amour au poing”*: Elie Wajeman’s Les Anarchistes, by Roxanne Panchasi

Classics in the Classroom: The Laws of Eighteenth-Century Sex: Thérèse philosophe, by Jennifer J. Davis

Volume 7, Issue 3, February 2017

The Buzz: Chocolat: A Black Entertainer in the Belle Époque, by Charles Rearick

Maybe Missed: Kaveena, A Novel of Françafrique, by Kelly Duke Bryant

Classics in the Classroom: Forgetting is Easy, Remembering is Murder: Didier Daeninckx, Meurtres pour mémoire (1983), by Alan Morris

Volume 7, Issue 2, January 2017

The Buzz: Betsy and the Emperor: A Well-Worn Tale Retold, by Michael Sibalis

Maybe Missed: Sisters in the Resistance: The Nightingale, by Shannon L. Fogg

Classics in the Classroom: New Directions in French Holocaust Film: The Origin of Violence, Once in a Lifetime, and Victor “Young” Perez, by Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall

Volume 7, Issue 1, October 2016

The Buzz: The Great Swindle ou Au Revoir, Là-haut de Pierre Lemaitre, by Béatrix Pau

Maybe Missed: Universal measures: 1001 Grams, by Ken Alder

Classics in the Classroom: On André Gide’s The Immoralist (1902), by Michael Lucey

Volume 6, Issue 6, April 2016

The Buzz: Men at War: Laurent Mauvignier’s The Wound, by Patricia M.E. Lorcin
The Buzz: In Praise of Folly: Didier Daeninckx, Caché dans la maison des fous, by Alan Morris

Maybe Missed: Jewish-Muslim Romance with a French Twist: Jean-Jacques Zilbermann’s He’s My Girl, by Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall

Classics in the Classroom: “Keep Those Swords Away from the Computer, Boys!” The Three Musketeers in the Classroom, by Charlotte C. Wells

Volume 6, Issue 5, March 2016

The Buzz: Albert Camus’s “L’hôte” becomes Loin des hommes (Far From Men), by Joshua Cole

Maybe Missed: Nina Companeez tackles À la recherche du temps perdu, by Adam Watt

Classics in the Classroom: Robert Merle’s Wars of Religion: The Brethren and City of Wisdom and Blood, by Brian Sandberg

Volume 6, Issue 4, February 2016

The Buzz: Christophe Boltanski’s Memories of War and Peace, by Philip Nord

Maybe Missed: Literature as post-colonial reality? Kamel Daoud’s The Meursault Investigation, by Natalya Vince

Classics in the Classroom: Sophie Barthes’s Madame Bovary, by James Smith Allen

Volume 6, Issue 3, January 2016

The Buzz: Benoît Jacquot’s Journal d’une femme de chambre, by Eliza Earle Ferguson

Maybe Missed: Victor Hugo’s Funeral as Historical Fiction, by Charles Rearick

Classics in the Classroom: Victor Hugo, Ninety-Three (Quatrevingt-treize), by Marisa Linton

Volume 6, Issue 2, November 2015

The Buzz: Suite Française, by Simon Kitson

Maybe Missed: Are you sure you think what you think? Laurent Cantet’s Entre les murs and mythologies of Republican education, by Martin O'Shaughnessy

Classics in the Classroom: Into the Heart of Darkness: Patrick Modiano, The Occupation Trilogy (2015), by Alan Morris

Volume 6, Issue 1, October 2015

The Buzz: The Politics of Violence: Un Français, by Liana Vardi

Maybe Missed: A Little Chaos in Louis XIV’s Court, by Kathleen Wellman

Classics in the Classroom: Revisiting Kechiche’s L’Esquive (Games of Love and Chance), by Elena Russo

Volume 5, Issue 6, April 2015

The Buzz: Waterloo (1970): A Critical Review, by Charles Esdaile

Maybe Missed: “When Vice Meets Crime”: Jean-Claude Brisville’s Le Souper, by Philip Dwyer

Classics in the Classroom: Aragon, La Semaine Sainte, by Alan Forrest

Volume 5, Issue 5, March 2015

The Buzz: Too Much and Not Enough: Yves Saint Laurent and Saint Laurent, by Mary Lynn Stewart

Maybe Missed: Legends of the Tour, Jan Cleijne’s Graphic-Novel History of France’s National Bicycle Race, by Eric Reed

Classics in the Classroom: The Tiepolo of the Terror: Pierre Michon’s The Eleven, by Liana Vardi

Volume 5, Issue 4, February 2015

The Buzz: The Jewish Cardinal: Jean-Marie Lustiger and the Struggle for Interfaith Reconciliation, by John Connelly

Maybe Missed: Molière on the Ile de Ré or Alceste à bicyclette, by Emma Gilby

Classics in the Classroom: If This is a Woman: Evelyne Trouillot’s The Infamous Rosalie and the Lost Stories of New-World Slavery, by Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall

Volume 5, Issue 3, December 2014

The Buzz: Kaboom! Diplomatie (2014) and the destruction of Paris, by Matthew Cobb
The Buzz: A Transnational Struggle for National Salvation: Tierno Monénembo’s Le terroriste noir and the history of the French Resistance, by Tyler Stovall

Maybe Missed: Romain Slocombe, Monsieur le Commandant: A Wartime Confession, by Sandra Ott

Classics in the Classroom: Chabert vs Chabert, by Howard G. Brown
Classics in the Classroom: Napoleon’s Fiancée: The Fabulous Destiny of Désirée Clary, by Michael Sibalis

Volume 5, Issue 2, November 2014

The Buzz: “A World of Noise and Fury:” Martin Provost’s Violette (2013), by Sandrine Sanos

Maybe Missed: Olivier Assayas’ Après mai, by Daniel A. Gordon

Classics in the Classroom: A Cinematic Revolution? Sources, Imagery and Interpretation in La Révolution française (1989), by Alex Fairfax-Cholmeley

Volume 5, Issue 1, October 2014

The Buzz: A Surfeit of Creative License in George Clooney’s The Monuments Men, by Elizabeth Campbell Karlsgodt

Maybe Missed: Stranger than Fiction: Steven Levingston on Murder, Mesmerism, and Forensics in Fin-de-siècle Paris, by Barbara C. Pope

Classics in the Classroom: Night, Day, and Mediterranean Summers: French Colonial Films for the Classroom, by Julia Clancy-Smith

Volume 4, Issue 6, April 2014

The Buzz: Hurons and Jesuits Revisited: Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda, by Allan Greer

Maybe Missed: Myth, History and Teen-age Romance: A Sixteenth-Century Historian Watches Reign, by Charlotte C. Wells

Classics in the Classroom: The Magic of the Cévennes: Les Camisards (1972) and Michael Kohlhaas (2013), by W. Gregory Monahan

Volume 4, Issue 5, March 2014

The Buzz: A la recherche du père perdu: Guillaume Nicloux’s La Religieuse (2013), by Lisa Jane Graham

Maybe Missed: Edward Rutherfurd’s Paris, the Novel, by Charles Rearick

Classics in the Classroom: Imagining the Last Capetians: Maurice Druon, The Accursed Kings, by Sarah Hanley

Volume 4, Issue 4, February 2014

The Buzz: Putain de guerre! Teaching Jacques Tardi’s WWI Graphic Novels, by Robin Walz
The Buzz: “Anthem for Doomed Youth:” Jean Echenoz’s 1914, by Martha Hanna

Maybe Missed: ‘French Savages’: War and Colonialism in Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Black and White in Color, by Richard S. Fogarty
Maybe Missed: The Dangers of Valor: Roger Vercel’s and Bertrand Tavernier’s Capitaine Conan, by John Cerullo

Classics in the Classroom: Teaching Le Feu/Under Fire by Henri Barbusse, by Susan R. Grayzel
Classics in the Classroom: The Grand Illusion: The Genius of Indirection, by Jay Winter

Volume 4, Issue 3, December 2013

The Buzz: Revisiting the Dreyfus Affair: Robert Harris, An Officer and a Spy, by Julie Kalman

Maybe Missed: Mad Women Artists: Séraphine, Camille Claudel 1915, Aloïse, by Mark S. Micale

Classics in the Classroom: The Birth of the Department Store: Émile Zola’s Au bonheur des dames and BBC’s The Paradise miniseries, by Michael Miller

Volume 4, Issue 2, November 2013

The Buzz: Alice Winocour’s Augustine, by Judith Surkis

Maybe Missed: Sebastian Faulks, Human Traces, by Richard C. Keller

Classics in the Classroom: Revisiting an old classic: Black Robe Three Ways, by Cecilia Danysk, Amanda Eurich, Laurie Hochstetler

Volume 4, Issue 1, October 2013

The Buzz: Clinging to the Myth: Perez-Réverte on Napoleon’s siege of Cádiz, by Charles Esdaile

Maybe Missed: Happy as a Slave: The Toussaint Louverture miniseries, by Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall

Classics in the Classroom: The Fifth Republic and the Peasants: Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources, and Tous au Larzac, by Don Reid

Volume 3, Issue 6, April 2013

The Buzz: Méliès and the Dreyfus Affair: Paper Conspiracies, by Venita Datta

Maybe Missed: Celebrating the Resistance: L’armée du crime, by Chris Millington

Classics in the Classroom: Revisiting Cyrano de Bergerac (1990): Ideas for Teaching Old Regime Theater in the History Classroom, by Jeffrey S. Ravel

Volume 3, Issue 5, March 2013

The Buzz: Death in the Belle Époque: Barbara Corrado Pope’s Trilogy of Mysteries, by Charles Sowerwine

Maybe Missed: Andrew Miller’s Pure and Les Innocents Cemetery, by Clare Crowston

Classics in the Classroom: Cannibal Histories: Some Comments on Nelson Pereira dos Santos’s How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman, by Michael Wintroub

Volume 3, Issue 4, February 2013

The Buzz: Who were Les Misérables?, by Michael Sibalis

Maybe Missed: Jenni’s French Art of War, by Donald Reid

Classics in the Classroom: Medievalism and Modernity in Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, by Alex J. Novikoff

Volume 3, Issue 3, December 2012

The Buzz: Smugglers’ Songs, by Michael Kwass

Classics in the Classroom: À bas la guillotine! Vive la bourgeoisie? Lacenaire and The Widow of Saint Pierre, by Thomas Cragin

Volume 3, Issue 2, November 2012

The Buzz: Les adieux à la reine/Farewell, My Queen, by Laura Mason

Maybe Missed: Collaboration during the Occupation: The “St-Cyr and Kohler” Mysteries, by Robin Walz

Classics in the Classroom: Catholic Reform in the Grand Siècle: Monsieur Vincent (1947), by Michael Wolfe
Classics in the Classroom: Possession in the Grand Siècle: The Devils, by Darryl Dee

Volume 3, Issue 1, October 2012

The Buzz: Vichy France from the Margins: Les Hommes libres, by Ethan Katz
The Buzz: Vichy France from the Margins: Half-Blood Blues, by Jeff Jackson

Maybe Missed: The Dark Side: French Men Becoming Monsters in Algeria, by Michael G. Vann

Classics in the Classroom: The Lymond Chronicles, by Charlotte Wells

Volume 2, Issue 6, May 2012

The Buzz: The French Revolution on TV in the New Millennium, by Aurore Chery

Maybe Missed: Sex, Drugs, and Literature, by David Caron

Classics in the Classroom: A Place of Greater Safety, by Colin Jones
Classics in the Classroom: France’s Terror: Les dieux ont soif , by D.M.G Sutherland

Volume 2, Issue 5, April 2012

The Buzz: Skating over the Abyss: A Review of Umberto Eco’s The Prague Cemetery, by Steven Englund
The Buzz: The Need to Remember : L’ordre et la morale (Rebellion), by Denise Fisher

Classics in the Classroom: Coup de Torchon, by Alice Conklin
Classics in the Classroom: Le Crabe-Tambour: In the Wake of Empire, by Robert Aldrich

Volume 2, Issue 4, March 2012

The Buzz: Interview with Susanne Alleyn, by Liana Vardi

Maybe Missed: Suite Française, Irène Némirovsky, by Sara Maza

Classics in the Classroom: Louis, enfant roi, by Brian Sandberg
Classics in the Classroom: The Grandeur of Louis XIV on Film, by Bill Beik

Volume 2, Issue 3, December 2011

The Buzz: Dumas for Dummies, by Liana Vardi

Maybe Missed: The Cinematic Maid: Teaching Joan of Arc through Film, by Daniel Hobbins

Classics in the Classroom: La nuit de Varennes and Danton, by Jack Censer and Mary Ashburn Miller

Volume 2, Issue 2, November 2011

The Buzz: Midnight in Paris, by Jeffrey H. Jackson

Maybe Missed: To the Hermitage, by Kent Wright

Classics in the Classroom: Breathless and Cléo de 5 à 7, by Patrick Young and Rebecca Pulju

Volume 2, Issue 1, October 2011

The Buzz: Black Venus/Vénus Noire, by Matthew Ramsey

Maybe Missed: An Unreconstructed Haussmann, by David P. Jordan

Classics in the Classroom: Army of Shadows and Lacombe, Lucien, by Simon Kitson and Richard Vinen

Volume 1, Issue 6, May 2011

The Buzz: La Princesse de Montpensier, by Paul Cohen

Maybe Missed: Duelling Films, by Howard G. Brown

Classics in the Classroom: The King is Dancing and The King’s Way, by Michael P. Breen and Junko Thérèse Takeda

Volume 1, Issue 5, April 2011

The Buzz: Neither Saint nor Whore, by Liana Vardi

Maybe Missed: Parot’s Eighteenth-Century Mysteries, by David Garrioch

Classics in the Classroom: Beaumarchais l’insolent and Ridicule, by Thomas E. Kaiser and Lisa Jane Graham

Volume 1, Issue 4, March 2011

The Buzz: Hors-la-loi/Outside the Law, by Todd Shepard

Maybe Missed: Being Medieval and Civilized, by Daniel Lord Smail

Classics in the Classroom: Indochine and The Sea Wall, by Alison J. Murray Levine and Eric T. Jennings

Volume 1, Issue 3, February 2011

The Buzz: Unwritten Stories, by Laurent Dubois

Maybe Missed: Madison Smartt Bell’s Haitian Revolution Trilogy, by Jeremy D. Popkin

Classics in the Classroom: Les caprices d’un fleuve and Burn!, by Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall

Volume 1, Issue 2, January 2011

The Buzz: Parrot and Olivier in America, by K. Steven Vincent

Maybe Missed: Patrick Rambaud’s Napoleonic Trilogy, by Michael Sibalis

Classics in the Classroom: May Fools, The Dreamers & Regular Lovers, by Donald M. Reid

Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2010

The Buzz: La Rafle, by Julian Jackson

Maybe Missed: Crime, Terror & Sleuthing in Paris, 1889, by Charles Rearick

Classics in the Classroom: Antonin’s Stories and Life and Nothing But, by Paul Jankowski and Martha Hanna