French History and Civilization. Volume 1

2004 Seminar Papers (Published 2005)
Volume Editors: Ian Coller, Helen Davies, Julie Kalman

Title Page

Table of Contents




James Friguglietti, A Scholar “in Exile:” George Rudé as a Historian of Australia

Alison Patrick, The Price of Revolution


David Garrioch, The Local Experience of Revolution: The Gobelins/Finistère Section in Paris

Peter McPhee, Frontiers, Ethnicity and Identity in the French Revolution: Catalans and Occitans

Peter Jones, “Fraternising with the Enemy:” Problems of Identity during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars

Thomas Sosnowski, Revolutionary Émigrés and Exiles in the United States: Problems of Economic Survival in a New Republican Society


John West-Sooby and Jean Fornasiero, A Cordial Encounter? The Meeting of Matthew Flinders and Nicolas Baudin (8-9 April 1802)

André Lambelet, Back to the Future: Politics, Propaganda and the Centennial of the Conquest of Algeria

Pieter François, Images of French Catholicism and Belgian Protestantism

Cultural Identities

Màire Cross, Tuning into Politics: Flora Tristan’s Songs for the Union ouvrière

Ingrid Sykes, The Globalization of French Sound: French Convents in Australia

Colin Nettelbeck, From La nouvelle vague to Histoire(s) du cinéma: History in Godard, Godard in History

Natalie Adamson, Against the Amnesiacs: The Art Criticism of Jean Bazaine, 1934-1944


Dominique Godineau, Pratiques du suicide à Paris pendant la Révolution française

Tim Tackett, Becoming a Counterrevolutionary: A Conservative Noble in the National Assembly, 1789-1791

Joseph Zizek, Marat: Historian of the French Revolution?

Carol Harrison, Protecting Catholic Boys and Forming Catholic Men at the Collège Stanislas in Restoration Paris

Cynthia Bouton, Cowardly Bourgeois, Brave Bourgeoises, and Loyal Servants: Bourgeois Identity during the Crisis of 1846-47

Pam Pilbeam, Fourier and the Fourierists: A Case of Mistaken Identity?


Greg Burgess, Selection, Exclusion and Assimilation: The Projet Lambert of 1931 on the Reform of French Immigration Policy

Ian Coller, Egypte-sur-Seine: The Making of an Arabic Community in Paris 1800-1830

Julie Kalman, Rothschildian Greed: This New Variety of Despotism

Vesna Drapac, A King is killed in Marseille: France and Yugoslavia in 1934

Embodied Identities

Françoise Thébaud, Un féminisme d’État est-il possible en France? L’exemple du Ministère des Droits de la femme, 1981-1986

Charles Sowerwine, The Sexual Contract of the Third Republic

Susan Foley, “I felt such a need to be loved […] in a letter:” Reading the Correspondence of Léonie Léon and Léon Gambetta

Michael Sibalis, Gay Liberation Comes to France: The Front Homosexuel d’Action Révolutionnaire (FHAR)