French History and Civilization. Volume 8

2018 Seminar (Published 2019)
Volume Editor: Julie Kalman

Title Page

Table of Contents


Anniversary Forum: George Rudé’s The Crowd in the French Revolution: The First 60 Years

Marion Philip, Frigidity, Curses, and Imagination: Thinking the Absence of Male Desire in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Alison M. Downham Moore, The French Elaboration of Ideas about Menopause, Sexuality, and Ageing 1805-1920

Susan Ashley, Fin de Siècle Theories of Invention: Originality and Chance

Patricia Subirade, Construire les ponts en Savoie au XVIIe siècle: les voyages techniques d’un ingénieur du duché de Savoie dans la France de Louis XIV (1670-1672)

David Garrioch, Foreign Protestant Artisans in Eighteenth-Century Paris

Hamish Graham, “Fearful of Being Pursued”: Environmental Problems and Opportunities in Policing the Forests of Pre-Revolutionary France

Kirsty Carpenter, The Modern Classical Guitar and the French Revolution

Jean-Dominique Mellot, Confiscations révolutionnaires et histoire des bibliothèques françaises: un « moment fondateur » à revisiter

France Grenaudier-Klijn, Ayant-été et ‘petit détail’ dans cinq mises en texte du réel de l’après-Shoah: P. Modiano, Y. Haenel, L. Binet, O. Guez et I. Jablonka

Alistair Watts, France and New Zealand: A Post-World War I Trade-Based Relationship?

Andrew Bonnell, Robert Michels and French Socialism and Syndicalism

Ben Mercer, The Six 68s of Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Charles Sowerwine, Reflections on Writing French History after the GFC, Le Pen, and Piketty