Festschrift in honor of Peter McPhee. Volume 9

Volume editors: Briony Neilson and Julie Kalman

Title Page

Table of Contents

Briony Neilson and Julie Kalman, Introduction

Peter McPhee, Reflections on a Symposium, ‘Living the French Revolution’

Timothy Tackett, Living in Paris in the French Revolution: The Story of an Ordinary Citizen

Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Stumbling Across Revolutions: An Eighteenth-Century Franco-Irish Experience

Ian Coller, What can a Muslim citizen tell us about the French Revolution?

Hamish Graham, ‘Forced Against Our Will to Make a Report’: The Nature of Woodland Property and theProblems of Policing Forests in Eighteenth-Century France

Rod Phillips, Living Revolution, Drinking Revolution: Assuring Wine Quality and Safety in Burgundy during the 1790s

Allan Potofsky, Who Owns Paris? Expropriating Proprietors in the Capital, from the Ancien Régime to the Revolution

Alan Forrest, The Lived Experience of the French Revolutionary Wars

Ian Germani, Dying for Liberty in the French Revolutionary Wars

Malcolm Crook, Back to the Future? Ending the Revolution after Thermidor

Marisa Linton, The Sea-Green Incorruptible and the Archangel of Death: How narratives of the French Revolution contrast the roles of Robespierre and Saint-Just

Carine Renoux, Living the French Revolution of 1848: Un document inédit dans un fonds d’archives privés de l’Ain

D.M.G. Sutherland, Lamartine, Louis-Napoléon and the Left: Rural Voting in the Mâconnais, 1848–49

Charles Walton, The French Revolution: A Matter of Circumstances?