About the Society

The Society is named after George Rudé, in recognition of his important role in cultivating the study of French history in Australasia.  A conference in his honour, the George Rudé Seminar in French History and Culture, is held every second year in Australia or New Zealand.  It includes every aspect of French history, including France’s connections with other parts of the world. The conference welcomes visitors from around the world, and has had the pleasure of hosting many of the leading historians of France. For information about the next George Rudé Seminar, use the conference link in the menu above.

The Society publishes a peer-reviewed journal, in collaboration with H-France, French History and Culture (formerly French History and Civilization), which comprises selected articles that were originally presented as papers at the conference.  No subscription to the journal is required, and issue links can be found on this site. Questions about the Society may be directed to David Garrioch of Monash University. For inquiries about republishing any of George Rudé’s work, please contact his literary executor, Harvey J. Kaye, at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.