French History and Civilization. Volume 7

2016 Seminar (Published 2017)
Volume Editor: Julie Kalman

Title Page

Table of Contents


David Garrioch, Fires and Firefighting in 18th- and 19th-century Paris

Hamish Graham, “Seeking Information on Who was Responsible”: Policing the Woodlands of Old Regime France

Michael Bennett, Curing and Inoculating Smallpox: The Career of Simeon Worlock in Paris, Brittany and Saint-Domingue in the 1770

Elizabeth Andrews Bond, Science, Technology, and Reform in the French Countryside: The Role of Provincial Officials in the Eighteenth-century Press

Simon Burrows, Forgotten Best-Sellers of Pre-Revolutionary France

Alicia Montoya, Middlebrow, Religion, and The European Enlightenment: A New Bibliometric Project, MEDIATE (1665-1820)

Jacinthe de Montigny, Le Canada dans l’imaginaire colonial français (1754-1756)

Bronwyn Reddan, Scripting Love in Fairy Tales by Seventeenth-century French Women Writers

Elodie Duché, Captives in Plantations: British Prisoners of War and Visions of Slavery in Napoleonic France and Mauritius

William Weber, Resistance to Rossini and Government by Newspapers in Restoration Paris

Susan Foley, The Christmas Tree Becomes French: From Foreign Curiosity to Philanthropic Icon, 1860-1914

Timothy Verhoeven, The Drama at Lille: Republicans, Catholics and Sexual Crime at the Fin-de-Siècle

Greg Burgess, The Repatriation of Soviet Prisoners of War and Displaced Peoples from the Auvergne after the Second World War

Daniel Nethery, Boundaries of Solidarity: Territoriality and French Social Security for the Self-Employed During the Fourth Republic

Charles Sowerwine, The Far Right in a Neo-Liberal Age: Pessimism, Sexism and Racism in Modern French Thought

Disputes: Robert Darnton and Simon Burrows

Robert Darnton, Diffusion and Confusion in the Study of Enlightenment

Simon Burrows, Omissions and Revisions in Enlightenment Book History: A Rejoinder to Robert Darnton