French History and Civilization. Volume 10.

Selected Papers from the Joint 66th Society for French Historical Studies Conference & 22nd George Rudé Seminar in French History and Civilization


Volume editor: Briony Neilson

Title Page

Table of Contents



Melissa Byrnes, Anti-Salazarism and Transnational Solidarity: Franco-Portuguese Student Activism in the 1960s

Matthew McDonald, Striving After Style: Francophone Diplomacy in Prussia, 1740–86

Carine Renoux, Le papillon de l’Ain :  Un département au cœur des circulations transnationales au milieu du XIXe siècle

Simon Burrows, The Geography and Control of the Clandestine Book Trade in France, 1770–89

Charlotte Ann Legg, Resettling Europe: Paul Robin, His Tribe, and Inter-Imperial Constructions of Whiteness in the 1890s and early 1900s

Geoff Watson, An Anglophile Amateur? New Zealanders’ Perceptions of Pierre de Coubertin

Helen Gramotnev, The Hatted Nude in the Art of Belle Époque Paris

Jean Elisabeth Pedersen, French Feminists at the International Council of Women, 1888–1914

Timothy Tackett, An Intendant to a Noble Family at the End of the Old Regime

Robert H. Blackman, Will the Real Catiline Please Stand Up? Framing Intimidation in the National Assembly of 1789

David Briscoe, Representing Poverty in Petitions for Assistance in Revolutionary Bordeaux, 1791–95

Jeffrey Ryan Harris, The General Will and the Extreme-Right in the National Constituent Assembly, 1789–90

Julie P. Johnson, The “Affaire Petit”: Revolutionary Nevers and An Early Challenge to the Power of the Church

Patrick Harris, Transimperial Exiles: Emigration and the Making of the Revolutionary Caribbean

Historiographical Reflections

Pamela Pilbeam, The Historiography of the 1789 Revolution from Alfred Cobban to Recent Times

Doug Munro, George Rudé: The Contours of a Career