French History and Civilization. Volume 6

2014 Seminar Papers (Published 2015)
Volume Editor: Julie Kalman

Title Page

Table of Contents

David Garrioch, Protestants and Bourgeois Notability in Eighteenth-Century Paris

Hamish Graham, “The Full Force of the Law”: Disciplining the Workforce of a French Naval Dockyard in the Eighteenth Century

Robert Kruckeberg, The “Great Altercation” between the Trois Petites Loteries and the Comédie: Luxury, Consumption, and Power

Simon Burrows, Charmet and the Book Police: Clandestinity, Illegality and Popular Reading in Late Ancien Régime France

Peter McPhee, Rethinking the French Revolution and the ‘Global Crisis’ of the Late-Eighteenth Century

Thomas Lalevée, National Pride and Republican grandezza: Brissot’s New Language for International Politics in the French Revolution

Marisa Linton, Virtue or Glory?: Dilemmas of Political Heroism in the French Revolution

Timothy Tackett, The Crisis of March 1793 and the Origins of the Terror

Philippe Minard, Le mythe du colbertisme dans l’histoire de la France

Ian Germani, The Soldier’s Death: From Valmy to Verdun

Carol E. Harrison, Edouard Laboulaye, Liberal and Romantic Catholic

Susan Foley, The Republican Family and Republican Politics: Léon Laurent-Pichat and his Kin (1861-1883)

Mira Alder-Gillies, Reform or Revolution: Benoît Malon and the Socialist Movement in France, 1871-1890

Pamela M. Pilbeam, The Colonization of Algeria: The Role of Saint-Simonians

Briony Neilson, The Paradox of Penal Colonization: Debates on Convict Transportation at the International Prison Congresses 1872-1895

Jean-Lucien Sanchez, Les relégués au pénitencier de Saint-Jean du Maroni (Guyane française): d’un village de colons à un pénitencier de forçats

Robert Aldrich, France and the King of Siam: An Asian King’s Visits to the Republican Capital

Jean-Yves Mollier, 1914-1918: La mobilisation des intellectuels au service de la guerre

Vesna Drapac, Catholic Attitudes to Peace and War at the Time of the Munich Agreement

Amy Morrison, The Journal of the Communist Resister, Lucienne Maertens

Martyn Lyons, The Death of Cannelle and the Re-invention of the Pyrenees

Debbie Lackerstein, La France Eternelle: A Contested Ideal, Vichy and the Present