Past Conferences

The George Rudé Seminar is a biennial conference that brings together specialists in French history and culture from Australia, New Zealand and around the world. The seminars recognize the contribution of George Rudé to the study of French history and culture in Australasia.


23rd George Rudé Seminar (2023)

July 2023


Organizing committee:

Alexis Bergantz, David Garrioch, Julie Kalman, Una McIlvenna, Tim Verhoeven

22nd George Rudé Seminar (2020)

7-10 July 2020
Auckland, NZ
‘France and Beyond: the Global World of ‘Ngāti Wīwī’

Organising Committee:
Tracy Adams, Kirsty Carpenter, Joe Zizek

21st George Rudé Seminar (2018)

4-7 July 2018
Australian National University
Canberra, ACT, Australia

Organising Committee:
Dr Gemma Betros, Dr Alexander Cook, Dr Ben Mercer

20th George Rudé Seminar (2016)

13-16 July 2016
Western Sydney University
Parramatta, NSW, Australia

19th George Rudé Seminar (2014)

9-12 July 2014
Deakin University
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Organising Committee:
Dr Greg Burgess (Deakin University)
Professor David Garrioch (Monash University)
Professor Chips Sowerwine (Melbourne and Latrobe Universities)
Professor Peter McPhee (Melbourne University)
Associate Professor Susan Foley (Melbourne University)
Dr Julie Kalman (Monash University)
Dr Helen Davies (Melbourne University)
Dr Ian Coller (Latrobe University)
Dr Tim Verhoven (Monash University)

18th George Rudé Seminar (2012)

12-14 July 2012
Auckland, New Zealand

Organising Committee:
Joseph Zizek (chair)

17th George Rudé Seminar (2010)

14-16 July, 2010
University of Sydney
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Organising Committee:
Robert Aldrich, Judith Keene, Liz Rechniewski, Jennifer Milam, Margaret Sankey, Glenda Sluga, Bronwyn Winter, Briony Neilson

16th George Rudé Seminar (2008)

9-11 July 2008
Brisbane, Australia