French History and Civilization. Volume 3

2008 Seminar Papers (Published 2009)
Volume Editor: Gemma M. Betros

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Table of Contents



Georgina Cole, Privacy and the Role of the Door in the Genre Paintings of Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

David Garrioch, Religious Identities and the Meaning of Things in Eighteenth-Century Paris

Peter McPhee, The Making of Maximilien: Robespierre’s Childhood, 1758-6

Hamish Graham, The Crown and the Community: Communal Woodlands and State Forestry in the Landes during the Eighteenth Century

Jolanta T. Pekacz, Music, Identity and Gender in France in the Age of Sensibility

Nicole Starbuck, Sir Joseph Banks and the Baudin Expedition: Exploring the Politics of the Republic of Letters

Robert Weston, Epistolary Consultations on Venereal Disease in Eighteenth-Century France

Peter Cryle, Female Impotence in Nineteenth-Century France: A Study in Gendered Sexual Pathology

Jonathan W. Marshall, The Archaeology of the Abstract Body: Parascientific Discourse and the Legacy of Dr J.-M. Charcot, 1876-1969

Robert Aldrich, France’s Colonial Island: Corsica and the Empire

James Cannon, Representations of the Paris Zone in Catholic and Communist Culture of the Interwar Years: Grégoire Leclos’s Notre-Dame de la Mouise (1930-31) and Louis Aragon’s Les beaux quartiers (1936)

Nicholas Hewitt, “Les Contes de France-Soir”: Gender and Popular Fiction in Post-Liberation France