French History and Civilization. Volume 4

2010 Seminar Papers (Published 2011)
Volume Editors: Briony Neilson and Robert Aldrich

Title Page



Jean-Dominique Mellot, Un mouvement historiographique à la lumière de l’histoire du livre: les Bénédictins de Saint-Maur et le gallicanisme éditorial

Hamish Graham, Humble Petitioners? Seigneurial Courts, Royal Justice and the Role of Litigants in the Eighteenth Century

David Garrioch, Mutual Aid Societies in Eighteenth-Century Paris

G.W. Trompf, Untethering Memory: On French Intellectuals Responding to the Classical Theory of Political Cycles from Montesquieu to the Revolution

Jennifer Milam, Imagining Marie Antoinette: Cultural Memory, Coolness and the Deconstruction of History in Cinema

Timothy Tackett, Rumor and Revolution: The Case of the September Massacres

Helen M. Davies, Friendship in the Revolution: A Sephardic Correspondence (1794-1799)

Peter McPhee, Integrating Private and Public in the Life of Maximilien Robespierre

Michael Sibalis, Conspiracy on St. Helena? (Mis)remembering Napoleon’s Exile

Susan Foley, “A Great and Noble Painting”: Léon Gambetta and the Visual Arts in the French Third Republic

Vesna Drapac, Thérèse of Lisieux: The Appeal of a French Saint at a Time of International Crisis

Julie Thorpe, Thérèse of Lisieux in Austria: A Case Study of Transnational Catholic Revivalism

Raymond Spiteri, Surrealism and its Discontents: Georges Bataille, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, and the 1929 Crisis of Surrealism

Colin Nettelbeck, A Forgotten Zone of Memory? French Primary School Children and the History of the Occupation

Greg Burgess, The Demographers’ Moment: Georges Mauco, Immigration and Racial Selection in Liberation France, 1945-46

Elizabeth Rechniewski, Nicolas Sarkozy on History and Historians

Reine-Claude Grondin, Jeux et enjeux des mémoires dans l’espace français durant l’expansion coloniale, XIXe-XXe siècles

Robert Aldrich, France and the Patrimoine of the Empire: Heritage Policy under Colonial Rule

John Strachan, Murder in the Desert: Soldiers, Settlers and the Flatters Expedition in the Politics and Historical Memory of European Colonial Algeria, 1830-1881

Barbara Creed and Jeanette Hoorn, Memory and History: Early Film, Colonialism and the French Civilising Mission in Indochina

Denise Fisher, France in the South Pacific: An Australian Perspective