French History and Civilization. Volume 2

2006 Seminar Papers (Published 2009)
Volume Editors: Vesna Drapac and André Lambelet

Title Page

Table of Contents



The Old Regime and the New

Michael Wolfe, Antiquarianism and Urban Identity in Sixteenth-Century Nîmes

David Garrioch, The Protestants of Paris and the Old Regime

Peter McPhee, Daily Life in the French Revolution

French Cultural Projects

Lynette Stocks, Théophile Gautier: Advocate of “Art for Art’s Sake” or Champion of Realism?

Nicholas Hewitt, “Marseille qui jazz”: Popular Culture in the Second City

Colin Nettelbeck, Kassovitz’s “France d’en bas” and Sarkozy’s “racaille”: Art and the Alienation of Politics in Contemporary France

Mark Carroll, All Together Now: The Prague Manifesto (1948) and the Association française des musiciens progressistes

The Great War and its Aftermath

Elizabeth Greenhalgh, Command in a Coalition War: Reassessing Marshal Ferdinand Foch

John Horne, Demobilizing the Mind: France and the Legacy of the Great War, 1919-1939

Where is France? France Abroad and Back Again

D. J. Culpin, Perceptions of France: French Books in the Early Libraries of South Australia, 1848-1884

Robert Aldrich, Marshal Lyautey’s Funerals: The Afterlife of a French Colonial Hero and the Death of an Empire

Natalya Vince, Colonial and Post-Colonial Identities: Women Veterans of the “Battle of Algiers”

Martin Evans, Guy Mollet’s Third Way:  National Renewal and the French Civilizing Mission in Algeria

From the Body to the Body Politic

Alison Moore, The Invention of the Unsexual: Situating Frigidity in the History of Sexuality and in Feminist Thought

Robert Gildea, Eternal France: Crisis and National Self-Perception in France, 1870-2005

Charles Sowerwine, The Origins of Republican Discourse, 1885-1914

Fredric Zuckerman, Policing the Russian Emigration in Paris, 1880-1914: The Twentieth Century as the Century of Political Police

Bronwyn Winter, Marianne goes Multicultural: Ni putes ni soumises and the Republicanisation of Ethnic Minority Women in France