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Patrick Bray, Ohio State University (bray.49@osu.edu)

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Jennifer Heuer, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Lia Brozgal, University of California, Los Angeles

Originating in 2009, H-France Salon is a multimedia journal of French Studies in its broadest sense, encompassing history, literature, cinema, art history, theory, and culture. Salons have included debates and collective reassessments of critical, methodological, and professional issues in our fields, tributes to influential individuals, recordings of conference presentations, webinars, and innovative blog projects.  We welcome proposals that build on these initiatives or take us in new directions. Please contact us with ideas. (bray.49@osu.edu)


Volume 11, Issue 13
H-France Webinar: “Democratic Problems in the Age of Revolution”
The webinar was hosted by Camille Robcis (Columbia University) and featured guest participants Sophia Rosenfeld (University of Pennsylvania), Stephen Sawyer (The American University in Paris), and Dan Edelstein (Stanford University).

Volume 11, Issue 12
H-France Webinar: “Memory in Post-War France
The webinar was hosted by Camille Robcis (Columbia University) and featured guest participants Claire Eldridge (University of Leeds), Emma Kuby (Northern Illinois University), and Sandrine Sanos (Texas A&M University Corpus Christi)

Volume 11, Issues 4-11
Selected panels from the 65th Annual Meeting of the Society for French Historical Studies held April 4-6, 2019, in Indianapolis, Indiana:

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