H-France Salon

Chief Editor
Gülru Çakmak, University of Massachusetts Amherst (gcakmak@umass.edu)

Associate Editors
Christine Adams, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Kate Griffiths, Cardiff University

Rebecca Scales, Rochester Institute of Technology

Originating in 2009, H-France Salon is a multimedia journal of French Studies in its broadest sense, encompassing history, literature, cinema, art history, theory, and culture. Salons have included debates and collective reassessments of critical, methodological, and professional issues in our fields, tributes to influential individuals, recordings of conference presentations, webinars, and innovative blog projects. We welcome proposals that build on these initiatives or take us in new directions. Please contact us with ideas. (gcakmak@umass.edu)


Volume 14, Issue 22

Colbert, Venality, and Parisian Judicial Elites during the Long Seventeenth Century: A Reappraisal by Robert Descimon”
Edited by Hilary J. Bernstein, University of California, Santa Barbara

Venality of office was one of the most characteristic peculiarities of the French monarchy in the early modern period, influencing not only the structures of royal governance and finance at all levels and the professional outlook of royal officials but also the ways that elite families constructed their identities, arranged their marriages, and disposed of their property. In a recent article, entitled “Colbert, la dette publique et la haute robe parisienne,” Robert Descimon delves into these issues, providing a forceful analysis of the ways that Jean-Baptiste Colbert attempted to harness the financial resources inherent in venal office holding among elite Parisian families, leading to an unintended decline in the market and profound shifts within Parisian robe families and the Parisian sovereign courts by the eighteenth century. This H-France Salon issue attempts to bring the conversation on these issues further and to relate them to debates that have taken place over the last generation among French historians.
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Volume 14, Issue 21

Maruao, les ailes de l’infini – Poèmes et essais bilingues de Flora Aurima Devatine et essais sur son œuvre (Maruao, the Wings of Infinity)
Flora Aurima Devatine
Edited by Estelle Castro-Koshy, James Cook University

Co-édition entre les éditions Littéramā’ohi et H-France Salon, ce numéro spécial inclut la majeure partie de l’ouvrage Maruao, les ailes de l’infini – Poèmes et essais bilingues de Flora Aurima Devatine et essais sur son œuvre (Maruao, the Wings of Infinity) (dir. Estelle Castro-Koshy) publié par Littéramā’ohi (Papeete, 2022). Il comprend en première partie un recueil de poèmes en français, en anglais et en tahitien de Flora Aurima Devatine, suivi d’essais de cette grande poétesse et penseuse tahitienne contemporaine traduits en anglais. Le seconde partie constitue un recueil d’articles novateurs de chercheurs, enseignants et traducteurs sur son œuvre magistrale. Des poèmes fondateurs et inédits de Aurima Devatine, écrits sur une période de quatre décennies, sont accompagnés d’illustrations réalisées par des artistes autochtones de Polynésie française (Hihirau Vaitoare, Tokainiua Devatine et Viri Taimana) et quatre petits-enfants de l’auteure. L’article de Marie Lamothe est accompagné de vidéos de ses interprétations en langue des signes française de trois poèmes de la poétesse.
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