H-France Research Repository

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  • The H-France Research Repository holds copies of microfilms and digital photographs taken by scholars at libraries and archives. They are made available due to the generosity of those scholars.

    Archival codes for which the materials were photographed or microfilmed in their entirety are listed as “complet.”  Archival codes for which only selected material was photographed or microfilmed are listed as “en partie.”

    We wish to express our great admiration to the thousands of archivists and librarians whose work is central to researchers. The materials made available here can never replace archival research or the joys of discovery working though books and cartons, but we do hope that it can aid and sustain those researchers unable to travel to such institutions.

    These materials are made available without charge and in terms of the laws governing and set by the institutions holding the original documents. We have contacted appropriate authorities to ensure that these materials may be offered through this repository.

    We offer two types of repositories. Click the links below to access each one:
    Digital Photograph Repository
    Microfilm Repository

    Important Notification

    We have endeavored to exclude from the Research Repository material which is not publicly available under the laws and policies governing such material or which require special permission for consultation (such as a dérogation).  If material is found in the Research Repository which should not be included, we will quickly remove the material once informed.  Please contact the Research Repository Editor David Kammerling Smith at dksmith@eiu.edu.