H-France Salon: Webinars

Originating in 2009, H-France Salon is an interactive journal that welcomes proposals which will enhance the scholarly study of French history and culture. The following webinars have been a part of the Salon.

UPCOMING EVENT: Spring 2019 Webinar

Theme: “Democratic Problems in the Age of Revolution”
Date: Friday, April 12th, 2019 at 3:30 pm eastern standard time (New York)

Guest Participants:

Sophia Rosenfeld, University of Pennsylvania
Stephen Sawyer, The American University in Paris
Dan Edelstein, Stanford University

The conversation will center around three readings, which are available under a password protected site with the following log-in credentials:

Username: H-France2
Password: Cityoflights

Sophia Rosenfeld, “Chapter 1 The Problem of Democratic Truth,” Democracy and Truth: A Short History (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018).

Stephen Sawyer, “Introduction,” Demos Assembled: Democracy and the International Origins of the Modern State, 1840-1880 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2018).

Dan Edelstein, “How to Think about Rights in Early Modern Europe,” On the Spirit of Rights (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2018).

Webinar Log-in Instructions
H-France uses the Zoom web conferencing program. Please follow this link:

You will be prompted to download and run a file, and then your system should automatically sync your audio and video with the Zoom web conferencing system (Your microphone and webcam will be turned off until you chose to activate them with the icons in the lower left of the screen).

During the webinar, we will bring individuals “on screen” and activate their audio and video when they have questions to ask or comments to offer. There will also be a chat window available to offer comments or questions through that format.

Approximately 30 minutes before the webinar begins, you may begin to log-in, and we will have technical support to assist with any issues.

We hope many of you will join us for what should be an engaging conversation.

Volume 10, Issue 2

H-France Webinar: “Early Modern Capitalism”
April 4, 2018

Moderator: Camille Robcis, Cornell University

Invited Participants:
Image result for Francesca TrivellatoImage result for michael kwassImage result for Charly Coleman, Columbia University

Francesca Trivellato, Yale University
Michael Kwass, Johns Hopkins University
Charly Coleman, Columbia University

Video available HERE

Volume 9, Issue 16

H-France Webinar: “Colonialism and Sexuality”
October 20, 2017.

Host: Camille Robcis, Cornell Universirty

Invited Participants:
Image result for judith surkisprofile-default

Judith Surkis, Rutgers University
Todd Shepard, Johns Hopkins University
Carolyn Eichner, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Video available HERE

Volume 6, Issue 2

H-France Webinar: “Environmental History: An Introduction”
April 9, 2014

Image result for michael bessImage result for Sara B. Pritchard,Photo of David Blackbourn

Leader: Michael Bess, Vanderbilt University
Invited Participants:

Sara B. Pritchard, Cornell University
David Blackbourn, Vanderbilt University

Moderator: Darrin McMahon, Florida State University.

Video available HERE

Volume 6, Issue 1

H-France Webinar: “Emotions in History, An Introduction”
November 4, 2013

Image result for Barbara Rosenwein

Image result for Thomas Dodman, Boston CollegeImage result for Piroska Nagy

Leader: William Reddy, Duke University

Invited Participants:

Barbara Rosenwein, Loyola University of Chicago
Thomas Dodman, Boston College
Piroska Nagy, Université du Québec à Montréal

Moderator and Organizer: Darrin McMahon, Florida State University

Video available HERE
Note: The audio quality improves after about 1 minute.

Volume 5, Issue 8

H-France Webinar: “Writing the History of Empire: Past Approaches, New Perspectives”
April 18, 2013

Eric JenningsAlice ConklinLaurent Dubois

Leader:  Eric Jennings, University of Toronto

Invited Participants:

Alice Conklin, The Ohio State University
Laurent Dubois, Duke University

Moderator:  Charles Walton, Yale University

Video available HERE

Volume 4, Issue 5

H-France Webinar: “Concessional Violence during the Wars of Religion”
October 4, 2012
Mack P. Holt

Leader: Mack Holt, George Mason University
Moderator: Charles Walton, Yale University

Video available HERE

Volume 4, Issue 4

H-France Webinar: “Considering May ’68”
April 12, 2012
Image result for Julian Jackson historian

Guest Presenter:  Julian Jackson, Queen Mary College, University of London

Organizer and Moderator:  Charles Walton, Yale University

Video available HERE
The recording of the webinar begins about ten minutes into the seminar.


Volume 3, Issue 2

H-France Webinar:  “The Age of Revolutions in Global Context”
October 6, 2011

Image result for Lynn Hunt

Guest Presenter:  Lynn Hunt, UCLA

Organizer and Moderator:  Charles Walton, Yale University
Edited by David Kammerling Smith, Eastern Illinois University

Video available HERE