H-France Discussion List

The H-France Discussion List connects scholars across the globe.  Whether through the announcement of conferences or publications; the publication of book and film reviews, forums, or salons; the raising of professional and scholarly questions; or the consideration of issues related to research and teaching, the H-France Discussion List offers a venue where those interested in the study of France and the Francophone world can remain informed of the scholarly activities.

To facilitate the smooth operation of H-France, the co-editors ask that all who submit messages observe the following guidelines:


1. Controversy is welcome on the list; personal vendetta is not. Please avoid sarcasm in your messages, as they will be returned to you for editing. Witticisms that may sound clever when said with a wink of the eye or a subtle tone of voice often fall flat, or worse, in print.

2. Please make sure that your name and email address are on your message.

3. Please do not include file attachments to your email.  They will not be forwarded to the discussion list.

4. If replying to an H-France message, please use the “reply” button. This will make it clear that your message is intended for distribution to the list rather than for the co-editor only.

5. Please fill in the subject line in the header of your message. This will make it easier for other H-France readers to manage their own lists of incoming messages.

6. Re-read your message before you send it to the list. Treat your message as you would an article you are sending to a journal. Your message will be read by thousands of people all over the world. Consider your reputation in the eyes of all these people when you send a message to the list.