H-France Salon, Volume 12 (2020)

Volume 12, Issue 1

“Race, Racism & the Study of France and the Francophone World Today, Part II”
Edited by:
Emily Marker, Rutgers University-Camden
Christy Pichichero, George Mason University

Recent scholarly debates, student activism, and current events have sharpened conversations about race, identity, equity, and diversity in academia in France, the United States, and around the world. This second installment of the H-France Salon on Race, Racism and the Study of France and the Francophone World Today is dedicated to opening up frank discussion about how race and racism play out in academic careers and institutional spaces, from college classrooms and campus cafes, to professional association meetings and administrative offices. The issue features pieces by Tyler Stovall, Nimisha Barton, Mita Choudhury, Stephen L. Harp, Crystal M. Fleming, and Pratima Prasad writing in their multiple capacities as scholars, teachers, administrators, and consultants based in the United States, and it begins with a critical introduction to recent controversy on these questions in France.

(The first installment can be found here.)

Emily Marker (Rutgers University-Camden) and Christy Pichichero (George Mason University)

“Pipeline Dreams and Endeavors: Integrating French History in American Universities”
Tyler Stovall
University of California, Santa Cruz

“On Students, Diversity, and Mentorship”
Nimisha Barton
Consultant and Independent Scholar

“Race, Privilege, and Identity in French History”
Mita Choudhury
Vassar College

“The Responsibilities of White Male Faculty”
Stephen L. Harp
University of Akron

“How to Be Less Stupid About Race in France”
Crystal M. Fleming
Stony Brook University

“Inclusion and Equity in the University: Reflections of a Teacher-Scholar-Administrator”
Pratima Prasad
University of Massachusetts, Boston