H-France Salon, Vol. 12, Issue 8

The joint
66th Society for French Historical Studies Conference

22nd George Rudé Seminar in French History and Civilisation

Hosted by the University of Auckland and Massey University

Conference Materials
(Conference materials for each week will be posted the Sunday of that week.)

Individuals wishing to discuss individual presentations or ideas raised in panels are encouraged to raise the issue on the H-France Discussion List.

The content of presentations is the exclusive responsibility of the presenters and does not necessarily represent the views of the Society for French Historical Studies, the George Rudé Society, H-France, the University of Auckland, or Massey University.

If any material in a presentation infringes upon your copyrighted material, please contact the Editor-in-Chief of H-France to address the issue. The Editor-in-Chief’s email is available here.

Conference programme: PDF
The conference programme is divided into four weeks across July, and we will be using a twenty-four hour clock in order to prevent confusion between different time zones. There are four types of session: Keynotes, Webinars, Salons, and Panels. The general principle is that Keynotes and Webinars are live and recorded, Salons are live but not recorded, and Panels are pre-recorded. If you want to participate in sessions that are live and not recorded you will have to log in for the live session. Links for the live sessions are available in that week’s listings and will also be distributed on H-France in the week preceding the event.

There is no registration fee required for this virtual conference. We would ask you to ensure that you are a paid-up member of the Society for French Historical Studies if that is your home society and the conference that you usually attend.  To update your SFHS membership, please visit: https://www.dukeupress.edu/society-for-french-historical-studies-sfhs.  The Rudé Society does not charge a membership fee.

Extraordinary circumstances created this very special conference and enabled us to try things that will help many other historical conferences in the future. We strongly encourage you to consider, if possible, making a donation to help with operating costs and the editing of the Rudé Society’s journal French History and Civilization. Depending on your tax residency, please contact: David Garrioch, Secretary, Rudé Society: david.garrioch@monash.edu or, for North Americans, go to this site to make a donation: sfhsconference.org. Funds beyond operating costs will be shared to support the SFHS, the Rudé Society, and H-France. (Tax-deductible for US Citizens.)

Submissions for French History and Civilization
The editor of French History and Civilization (the Rudé Seminar proceedings), Dr. Briony Neilson, will welcome written papers from the conference for the next issue of French History and Civilization that is published on H-France in a peer-reviewed online format. Please note that in addition to all conference participants, submissions are warmly invited from anyone whose proposal was accepted for the Auckland conference but who could not participate in the virtual event.

Executive Committee of the Society for French Historical Studies
Tracy Adams, Co-President, The University of Auckland
Kirsty Carpenter, Co-President, Massey University
Bryant T. Ragan, Executive Director, Colorado College
Lynn L. Sharp, Financial Officer, Whitman College
Sarah Horowitz, Secretary/Web Coordinator, Washington and Lee University
Daniella J. Kostroun, Immediate Past President, Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis
Jotham Parsons, Past Co-President, Duquesne University
Pernille Røge, Past Co-President, University of Pittsburgh
Sally Charnow, Co-President elect, Hofstra University
Jeff Horn, Co-President elect, Manhattan College
Kathryn Edwards, Co-Editor, French Historical Studies, University of South Carolina
Carol Harrison, Co-Editor, French Historical Studies, University of South Carolina
David Kammerling Smith, H-France Representative, Eastern Illinois University
Nina Kushner, Member-at-large, Clark University
Mark Meyers, Member-at-large Canadian Representative, University of Saskatchewan
Christy Pichichero, Member-at-large, George Mason University
Darcie S. Fontaine, Member-at-large and Pre-tenure Faculty Representative, University of South Florida
Anne Verjus, Member-at-large and French Representative, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique & École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Executive Committee of the George Rudé Society
Kirsty Carpenter, President, Massey University
Tracy Adams, Vice President, University of Auckland
David Garrioch, Secretary, Monash University
Joe Zizek, Treasurer, University of Auckland
Briony Neilson, Ordinary member and Editor of French History and Civilization
Alex Cook, Past President, Australian National University

NZ Organising Committee /Auckland Team
Tracy Adams, Professor of French, University of Auckland, Co-President
Kirsty Carpenter, Associate Professor of History, Massey University, Co-President
Joe Zizek, Senior Lecturer in History, University of Auckland, Treasurer

Special thanks to the following for their contribution and generous support:
Embassy of France: Stéphane Ré, Head of the Scientific and Cultural Office; and Lise Bourguet, Cultural Cooperation Assistant
Massey University: Vice Chancellor Jan Thomas; Provost Giselle Byrnes; Pro Vice Chancellor Cynthia White; Kerry Taylor, HoS, Humanities; France Grenaudier-Klijn, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Auckland: Professor Robert Greenberg, Dean of Arts; Malcolm Campbell, Hos, Humanities; Professor Bernadette Luciano, HoS, School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics
Lynn Sharp, Financial Officer, SFHS, Whitman College
Christine Adams, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Isabelle Poff-Pencolé, Alliance Française de Palmerston North and former President of the Fédération des Alliances in NZ
Deborah Wai Kapohe, NZ Soprano and classical guitarist