French History and Civilization. Volume 5

2012 Seminar Papers (Published 2014)
Volume Editors: Joseph Zizek and Kirsty Carpenter

Title Page


David Andress, Jacobinism as Heroic Narrative: Understanding the Terror as the Experience of Melodrama

David Garrioch, Royal Policy and the Secularisation of the Paris Guilds in the Eighteenth Century

Peter McPhee, Maximilien Robespierre’s False Friends

Ian Coller, Citizen Chawich: Arabs, Islam and Rights in the French Revolution

Jolanta T. Pekacz, Les Amies des philosophes: The Making of Enlightenment Salons in Nineteenth- century France

Jean Anderson, At Close Quarters: Workers’ Housing in Émile Zola’s L’Assommoir (1876) and Henry Gréville’s Cité Ménard (1880)

Elizabeth M. L. Gralton, Lust of the Eyes: The Anti-Modern Critique of Visual Culture at the Paris Expositions universelles, 1855-1900

Alison Moore, What Became of Cultural Historicism in the French Reclamation of Strasbourg After World War One?

Margaret Goldswain, A Feminine Witness of the Great War: Marcelle Capy, the Nomad of Peace

Catherine Ballériaux, “Adopted Children of God”: Native and Jesuit Identities in New France, c. 1630- 1690

William Jennings, The First Marist Missionaries and French Colonial Policy in the Pacific (1836-42)

Robert Aldrich, Imperial Banishment: French Colonizers and the Exile of Vietnamese Emperors

John Strachan, The Dogon as lieu de mémoire

Alexis Bergantz, “I am an Australian, we are freer than anyone in France”: Two Australian Girls and their Diaries in France in the late Nineteenth Century

Geoffrey Watson, “Le Bleu et le Noir”: New Zealand Perspectives on French Rugby