Online Teaching Resources

In addition to the material below, the H-France Digital Humanities Database contains material that could be integrated into online courses:

Pedagogical Tools and Ideas about Teaching Online – A Social Annotation Program

Allows collaborative, interactive commentary on a text.  For example, I have assigned a primary source in the form of a pdf.  The students are asked to identify one passage they find interesting and to say why, to identify one passage they find confusing and to say why, and to comment on one response of each kind by another students.  I can then generate discussion questions in class – or in this case, for further online commentary.

Another feature that is useful in a larger class is that students can be organized in groups of, say 3-4, for the commentary; then comment across groups.

The program works on websites and Word docs as well.  Finally, the program is easy to install, it is a Chrome extension, and free.

Submitted by Judith DeGroat, St. Lawrence University, 13 March 2020

Google Docs with Remote Teaching Resource Links

Twitter Threads with Links and Ideas about Online Teaching

Youtube Video about Teaching Online


New Books in French Studies Podcasts

Collection of scholarly podcasts on recent books in French history and culture.

French Revolution

PowerPoint Slides

Jeffrey Ravel, MIT, has offered for use a large series of PowerPoint slides from his course on the French Revolution. These slides are rich in imagery and can easily be integrated with Zoom or other programs. The file may take a few minutes to download.

Submitted by Jeffrey Ravel, MIT, 13 March 2020


Peter McPhee, University of Melbourne, has four interviews with scholars of the French Revolution available. Professor McPhee also has a Coursera MOOC on the French Revolution with many videos that you can find online.

Interview with Maris Linton:

Interview with Timothy Tackett:

Interview with Ian Germani:

Interview with Charles Walton:

World War II

France Under Allied Air Attack, 1940-1945

This website aims to inform about the Allied bombing of France between 1940 and 1945 – about why the Allies did it, about the effects it had on French towns, about how the French state, and the French people, coped, and about how the French felt about it. Links to blogs, images, and other resources. In French and English.

Submitted by Andrew Knapp, University of Reading, 13 March 2020


Algeria / Franco-Algerian on 1960s and 1970s

Four 20-minutes documentary shorts (more coming in future weeks) In French and Arabic with English, French and Arabic Subitltles  

Submitted by Natalya Vince, University of Portsmouth, 13 March 2020.

Source Book France 1940-2012

A collection of primary documents in French on topics from 1942 to 2012.  Questions for interpretation are included after each source/

Submitted by Jessica Wardhaugh, University of Warwick, 15 March 2020.