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H-France is a scholarly organization promoting the study of French and Francophone history and culture online.  Since its origins in 1991, H-France has grown into a central source of scholarly information and publications related to French history, literature, art history, musicology, film studies, and philosophy.  Publishing five open access journals and supporting a discussion list, a Scholars Registry, and a website, the H-France Editorial Team is composed of a large group of volunteers whose efforts are the heart and soul of its operations.

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Fiction and Film for Scholars of France

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Fiction and Film for Scholars of France: a cultural bulletin offers reviews of new, recent, and classic fictional works, with particular attention to their usefulness in teaching. This differentiates our reviews from those published in the press, blogs, or specialized journals. Context and historical accuracy are important and our scholarly reviewers address these, but we believe that even inaccurate fictionalized versions of the past can frame interesting discussions. The bulletin, which appears six times a year, has developed a wide corpus of reviews that cover all periods of the French past. Reviewers are drawn from the disciplines of history, art history, and literature. The goal of the bulletin is to demonstrate that imaginary works offer insights into the past that complement academic studies, while retaining their own perspective. Who can think of the reign of Louis XIII without evoking Dumas’s Three Musketeers, nineteenth-century uprisings without Hugo’s Les misérables, or (more worryingly) the French Revolution without A Tale of Two Cities? Our vision of the past is never image-free and how we handle that relationship is worth considering in all its complexity.