H-France Forum, Volume 1 (2006)

Volume 1, Issue 1 (Winter 2006)

Jan GoldsteinThe Post-Revolutionary Self: Politics and Psyche in France, 1750-1850. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2005. 414 pp. $45.00 (hb). ISBN 0674016807.

Review Essays:
Victoria Thompson, Arizona State University
James Smith Allen, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Lucien Jaume, CNRS et CEVIPOF (Centre de Recherches Politiques de Sciences Po)
Peter McPhee, University of Melbourne

Response Essay by Jan Goldstein, University of Chicago

Volume 1, Issue 2 (Spring 2006)

James R. FarrA Tale of Two Murders: Passion and Power in Seventeenth-Century France. Durham, NC and London: Duke University Press, 2005. xiv + 225 pp. Figures, notes, note on sources, and index. $74.95 (hb); $21.95 (pb). ISBN 0-8223-3459-3 (cl); ISBN 0-8223-3471-2 (pb).

Review Essays: 
Mack P. Holt, George Mason University
Stuart Carroll, University of York
Sarah Hanley, University of Iowa
Benoît Garnot, Université de Bourgogne

Response Essay by James R. Farr, Purdue University

Volume 1, Issue 3 (Summer 2006)

Gary WilderThe French Imperial Nation-State: Negritude and Colonial Humanism between the Two World Wars. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005. 352 pp. $75.00 (hb). ISBN 0226897729. $25.00 (pb). ISBN 0226897680.

Review Essays:
Martin Thomas, Exeter University
Gregory Mann, Columbia University
Robert Aldrich, University of Sydney
Patricia Lorcin, University of Minnesota

Response Essay by Gary Wilder, Pomona College

Volume 1, Issue 4 (Fall 2006)

Stuart CarrollBlood and Violence in Early Modern France. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 2006. xii + 369 pp. Figures, notes, bibliography and index. $110.00 (hb). ISBN 0-19-929045-8.

Review Essays:
Kristen Neuschel, Duke University
David Parrott, Oxford University
Jonathan Dewald, University of Buffalo
James Collins, Georgetown University

Response Essay by Stuart Carroll, University of York, United Kingdom