H-France Digital Humanities

H-France Digital Humanities Database

H-France maintains a searchable database of digital humanities projects in French and Francophone history, literary studies, art history, economics, media studies, anthropology, archaeology, cultural studies, and related disciplines. The database can be searched by the language and location of either the project or the primary materials, by the geographical focus of the project, the discipline(s), the time period, and types of primary materials. While some topics and geographical locations are more represented than others, the database is constantly expanding and adding new projects.

Digital Humanities Database: https://www.h-france.net/dh/registry/search.php

H-France welcomes the direct submission of new projects. If you have a DH project that you would like to have indexed, please see the “Submit New Entry” page on the database. If you have questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact Prof. Lynn Ramey. [how?]

H-France Digital Humanities Committee

In 2023, H-France formed a Digital Humanities (DH) committee. This committee will, in the first years, explore projects which would be of use to the H-France community, such as reviews, resources, workshops, or other formats. Its current members include Michael Breen (H-France Editor-in-Chief as an ex officio member), Lynn Ramey (Vanderbilt University & H-France Digital Humanities Database Editor) Melanie Conroy (University of Memphis & H-France Chief Web Editor), Hélène Huet (University of Florida), and Stefano Milonia (Tübingen University). The committee is chaired by Jeff Ravel (MIT). Its work builds on the existing H-France Digital Humanities Database, an extensive, indexed collection of links to DH projects with French and/or Francophone themes. 

Part of the work of the committee will be increasing usage of and familiarity with the the DH database. Other possible ideas include hosting French and Francophone DH projects on H-France server space, commissioning and publishing reviews of DH projects in our fields, running seminars to introduce members of our community to current DH methods, and offering technical and editorial consultations for those already embarked on DH projects. Another task is to create a list of DH resources that members of the H-France community might find useful.

As a part of this exploratory work, the H-France DH Committee distributed and analyzed a survey of H-France members about their interests, needs, and experience in digital humanities.

H-France Digital Humanities Survey

The Digital Humanities committee conducted a survey via the H-France listserv to see which H-France members are engaged in digital humanities, what their needs are and where they would like H-France to expend time and resources. The DH committee then wrote up a summary of responses. [LINK]

H-France Digital Humanities Survey

H-France DH Committee organized a roundtable at the SFHS meeting sponsored by Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.