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French History and Civilisation: Papers from the George Rudé Seminar



Selected from among the papers presented at the biennial George Rudé Seminar, French History and Civilization is a peer-reviewed journal published in collaboration between the George Rudé Society and H-France.



2014 Seminar - Volume 6 Papers (2015)


Volume Editor: Julie Kalman

Title Page

Table of Contents

Protestants and Bourgeois Notability in Eighteenth-Century Paris

David Garrioch

“The Full Force of the Law”: Disciplining the Workforce of a French Naval Dockyard in the Eighteenth Century

Hamish Graham

The “Great Altercation” between the Trois Petites Loteries and the Comédie: Luxury, Consumption, and Power

Robert Kruckeberg

Charmet and the Book Police: Clandestinity, Illegality and Popular Reading in Late Ancien Régime France

Simon Burrows

Rethinking the French Revolution and the ‘Global Crisis’ of the Late-Eighteenth Century

Peter McPhee

National Pride and Republican grandezza: Brissot’s New Language for International Politics in the French Revolution

Thomas Lalevée

Virtue or Glory?: Dilemmas of Political Heroism in the French Revolution

Marisa Linton

The Crisis of March 1793 and the Origins of the Terror

Timothy Tackett

Le mythe du colbertisme dans l’histoire de la France

Philippe Minard

The Soldier’s Death: From Valmy to Verdun

Ian Germani

Edouard Laboulaye, Liberal and Romantic Catholic

Carol E. Harrison

The Republican Family and Republican Politics: Léon Laurent-Pichat and his Kin (1861-1883)

Susan Foley

Reform or Revolution: Benoît Malon and the Socialist Movement in France, 1871-1890

Mira Alder-Gillies

The Colonization of Algeria: The Role of Saint-Simonians

Pamela M. Pilbeam

The Paradox of Penal Colonization: Debates on Convict Transportation at the International Prison Congresses 1872-1895

Briony Neilson

Les relégués au pénitencier de Saint-Jean du Maroni (Guyane française): d’un village de colons à un pénitencier de forçats

Jean-Lucien Sanchez

France and the King of Siam: An Asian King’s Visits to the Republican Capital

Robert Aldrich

1914-1918: La mobilisation des intellectuels au service de la guerre

Jean-Yves Mollier

Catholic Attitudes to Peace and War at the Time of the Munich Agreement

Vesna Drapac

The Journal of the Communist Resister, Lucienne Maertens

Amy Morrison

The Death of Cannelle and the Re-invention of the Pyrenees

Martyn Lyons

La France Eternelle: A Contested Ideal, Vichy and the Present

Debbie Lackerstein



2012 Seminar - Volume 5 Papers (2014)


Volume Editors: Joseph Zizek and Kirsty Carpenter

Title Page


Jacobinism as Heroic Narrative: Understanding the Terror as the Experience of Melodrama
David Andress
Royal Policy and the Secularisation of the Paris Guilds in the Eighteenth Century
David Garrioch
Maximilien Robespierre's False Friends
Peter McPhee
Citizen Chawich: Arabs, Islam and Rights in the French Revolution
Ian Coller
Les Amies des philosophes: The Making of Enlightenment Salons in Nineteenth- century France
Jolanta T. Pekacz
At Close Quarters: Workers’ Housing in Émile Zola’s L’Assommoir (1876) and Henry Gréville’s Cité Ménard (1880)
Jean Anderson
Lust of the Eyes: The Anti-Modern Critique of Visual Culture at the Paris Expositions universelles, 1855-1900
Elizabeth M. L. Gralton
What Became of Cultural Historicism in the French Reclamation of Strasbourg After World War One?
Alison Moore
A Feminine Witness of the Great War: Marcelle Capy, the Nomad of Peace
Margaret Goldswain
“Adopted Children of God”: Native and Jesuit Identities in New France, c. 1630- 1690
Catherine Ballériaux
The First Marist Missionaries and French Colonial Policy in the Pacific (1836-42)
William Jennings
Imperial Banishment: French Colonizers and the Exile of Vietnamese Emperors
Robert Aldrich
The Dogon as lieu de mémoire
John Strachan
“I am an Australian, we are freer than anyone in France”: Two Australian Girls and their Diaries in France in the late Nineteenth Century
Alexis Bergantz
“Le Bleu et le Noir”: New Zealand Perspectives on French Rugby
Geoffrey Watson


2010 Seminar - Volume 4 Papers (2011)


Volume Editors: Briony Neilson and Robert Aldrich

Title Page


Un mouvement historiographique à la lumière de l’histoire du livre: les Bénédictins de Saint-Maur et le gallicanisme éditorial
Jean-Dominique Mellot

Humble Petitioners? Seigneurial Courts, Royal Justice and the Role of Litigants in the Eighteenth Century
Hamish Graham

Mutual Aid Societies in Eighteenth-Century Paris
David Garrioch

Untethering Memory: On French Intellectuals Responding to the Classical Theory of Political Cycles from Montesquieu to the Revolutio
G.W. Trompf

Imagining Marie Antoinette: Cultural Memory, Coolness and the Deconstruction of History in Cinema
Jennifer Milam

Rumor and Revolution: The Case of the September Massacres
Timothy Tackett

Friendship in the Revolution: A Sephardic Correspondence (1794-1799)
Helen M. Davies

Integrating Private and Public in the Life of Maximilien Robespierre
Peter McPhee

Conspiracy on St. Helena? (Mis)remembering Napoleon’s Exile
Michael Sibalis

“A Great and Noble Painting”: Léon Gambetta and the Visual Arts in the French Third Republic
Susan Foley

Thérèse of Lisieux: The Appeal of a French Saint at a Time of International Crisis
Vesna Drapac

Thérèse of Lisieux in Austria: A Case Study of Transnational Catholic Revivalism
Julie Thorpe

Surrealism and its Discontents: Georges Bataille, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, and the 1929 Crisis of Surrealism
Raymond Spiteri

A Forgotten Zone of Memory? French Primary School Children and the History of the Occupation
Colin Nettelbeck

The Demographers’ Moment: Georges Mauco, Immigration and Racial Selection in Liberation France, 1945-46
Greg Burgess

Nicolas Sarkozy on History and Historians
Elizabeth Rechniewski

Jeux et enjeux des mémoires dans l’espace français durant l’expansion coloniale, XIXe-XXe siècles
Reine-Claude Grondin

France and the Patrimoine of the Empire: Heritage Policy under Colonial Rule
Robert Aldrich

Murder in the Desert: Soldiers, Settlers and the Flatters Expedition in the Politics and Historical Memory of European Colonial Algeria, 1830-1881
John Strachan

Memory and History: Early Film, Colonialism and the French Civilising Mission in Indochina
Barbara Creed and Jeanette Hoorn

France in the South Pacific: An Australian Perspective
Denise Fisher


2008 Seminar - Volume 3 Papers (2009)


Volume Editor: Gemma M.Betros

Table of Contents



Privacy and the Role of the Door in the Genre Paintings of Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin
Georgina Cole

Religious Identities and the Meaning of Things in Eighteenth-Century Paris
David Garrioch

The Making of Maximilien: Robespierre's Childhood, 1758-6
Peter McPhee

The Crown and the Community: Communal Woodlands and State Forestry in the Landes during the Eighteenth Century
Hamish Graham

Music, Identity and Gender in France in the Age of Sensibility
Jolanta T. Pekacz

Sir Joseph Banks and the Baudin Expedition: Exploring the Politics of the Republic of Letters
Nicole Starbuck

Epistolary Consultations on Venereal Disease in Eighteenth-Century France
Robert Weston

Female Impotence in Nineteenth-Century France: A Study in Gendered Sexual Pathology
Peter Cryle

The Archaeology of the Abstract Body: Parascientific Discourse and the Legacy of Dr J.-M. Charcot, 1876-1969
Jonathan W. Marshall

France’s Colonial Island: Corsica and the Empire
Robert Aldrich

Representations of the Paris Zone in Catholic and Communist Culture of the Interwar Years: Grégoire Leclos's Notre-Dame de la Mouise (1930-31) and Louis Aragon's Les beaux quartiers (1936)
James Cannon

“Les Contes de France-Soir”: Gender and Popular Fiction in Post-Liberation France
Nicholas Hewitt


2006 Seminar - Volume 2 Papers (2009)


Volume Editors: Vesna Drapac and André Lambelet (University of Adelaide)

Title Page

Table of Contents




The Old Regime and the New

Antiquarianism and Urban Identity in Sixteenth-Century Nîmes

Michael Wolfe

The Protestants of Paris and the Old Regime
David Garrioch

Daily Life in the French Revolution
Peter McPhee

French Cultural Projects

Théophile Gautier: Advocate of “Art for Art’s Sake” or Champion of Realism?
Lynette Stocks

"Marseille qui jazz": Popular Culture in the Second City
Nicholas Hewitt

Kassovitz's "France d'en bas" and Sarkozy's "racaille": Art and the Alienation of Politics in Contemporary France
Colin Nettelbeck

All Together Now: The Prague Manifesto (1948) and the Association française des musiciens progressistes
Mark Carroll

The Great War and its Aftermath

Command in a Coalition War: Reassessing Marshal Ferdinand Foch
Elizabeth Greenhalgh

Demobilizing the Mind: France and the Legacy of the Great War, 1919-1939
John Horne

Where is France? France Abroad and Back Again

Perceptions of France: French Books in the Early Libraries of South Australia, 1848-1884
D. J. Culpin

Marshal Lyautey’s Funerals: The Afterlife of a French Colonial Hero and the Death of an Empire
Robert Aldrich

Colonial and Post-Colonial Identities: Women Veterans of the “Battle of Algiers”
Natalya Vince

Guy Mollet’s Third Way:  National Renewal and the French Civilizing Mission in Algeria
Martin Evans

From the Body to the Body Politic

The Invention of the Unsexual: Situating Frigidity in the History of Sexuality and in Feminist Thought
Alison Moore

Eternal France: Crisis and National Self-Perception in France, 1870-2005
Robert Gildea

The Origins of Republican Discourse, 1885-1914
Charles Sowerwine

Policing the Russian Emigration in Paris, 1880-1914: The Twentieth Century as the Century of Political Police
Fredric Zuckerman

Marianne goes Multicultural: Ni putes ni soumises and the Republicanisation of Ethnic Minority Women in France
Bronwyn Winter



2004 Seminar - Volume 1 Papers (2005)


Volume Editors: Ian Coller, Helen Davies, and Julie Kalman

Complete Volume

Title Page

Table of Contents






A Scholar “in Exile:” George Rudé as a Historian of Australia
James Friguglietti

The Price of Revolution
Alison Patrick


The Local Experience of Revolution: The Gobelins/Finistère Section in Paris
David Garrioch

Frontiers, Ethnicity and Identity in the French Revolution: Catalans and Occitans
Peter McPhee

“Fraternising with the Enemy:” Problems of Identity during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic War
Peter Jones

Revolutionary Émigrés and Exiles in the United States: Problems of Economic Survival in a New Republican Society
Thomas Sosnowski


A Cordial Encounter? The Meeting of Matthew Flinders and Nicolas Baudin (8-9 April 1802)
John West-Sooby and Jean Fornasiero

Back to the Future: Politics, Propaganda and the Centennial of the Conquest of Algeria
André Lambelet

Images of French Catholicism and Belgian Protestantism
Pieter François

Cultural Identities

Tuning into Politics: Flora Tristan’s Songs for the Union ouvrière
Màire Cross

The Globalization of French Sound: French Convents in Australia
Ingrid Sykes

From La nouvelle vague to Histoire(s) du cinéma: History in Godard, Godard in History
Colin Nettelbeck

Against the Amnesiacs: The Art Criticism of Jean Bazaine, 1934-1944
Natalie Adamson


Pratiques du suicide à Paris pendant la Révolution française
Dominique Godineau

Becoming a Counterrevolutionary: A Conservative Noble in the National Assembly, 1789-1791
Tim Tackett

Marat: Historian of the French Revolution?
Joseph Zizek

Protecting Catholic Boys and Forming Catholic Men at the Collège Stanislas in Restoration Paris
Carol Harrison

Cowardly Bourgeois, Brave Bourgeoises, and Loyal Servants: Bourgeois Identity during the Crisis of 1846-47
Cynthia Bouton

Fourier and the Fourierists: A Case of Mistaken Identity?
Pam Pilbeam


Selection, Exclusion and Assimilation: The Projet Lambert of 1931 on the Reform of French Immigration Policy
Greg Burgess

Egypte-sur-Seine: The Making of an Arabic Community in Paris 1800-1830
Ian Coller

Rothschildian Greed: This New Variety of Despotism
Julie Kalman

A King is killed in Marseille: France and Yugoslavia in 1934
Vesna Drapac

Embodied Identities

Un féminisme d’État est-il possible en France? L’exemple du Ministère des Droits de la femme, 1981-1986
Françoise Thébaud

The Sexual Contract of the Third Republic
Charles Sowerwine

“I felt such a need to be loved […] in a letter:” Reading the Correspondence of Léonie Léon and Léon Gambetta
Susan Foley

Gay Liberation Comes to France: The Front Homosexuel d’Action Révolutionnaire (FHAR)
Michael Sibalis