H-France Salon: Journal Collaborations

Originating in 2009, H-France Salon is an interactive journal that welcomes proposals which will enhance the scholarly study of French history and culture. The following are the journal collaborations that have been a part of the Salon - - discussions that have grown out of influential and thought-provoking journal issues and articles and spilled out into the pages of H-France.


H-France Salon

Volume 10 (2018), Issue 3,

Interpreting May '68 

Edited by Chris Reynolds, Nottingham Trent University

As part of its continuing series of issues focused on '68, the current issue of H-France Salon presents excellent essays by Julian Bourg, Boston College, and  Daniel A. Gordon, Edge Hill University.  These two essays respond to a forum entitled "May '68:  New Approaches, New Perspectives" in volume 51, issue 2 of French Historical Studies edited by Donald Reid and Daniel J. Sherman.  The essays extend the discussion and debate found in the original six essays, which SFHS and Duke University Press have kindly made access to the six forum essays freely available through June 2018 (https://read.dukeupress.edu/french-historical-studies).  


Christopher Reynolds

Still, It Moves: May ’68 at Fifty

Julian Bourg, Boston College


Commentary on French Historical Studies Special Issue: May ‘68: New Approaches, New Perspectives

Daniel A. Gordon, Edge Hill University


H-France Salon
Volume 9 (2017), Issue 13

Communities and Religious Identities in the Early Modern Francophone World, 1550-1700: A Collaboration with French Historical Studies

The most recent issue of French Historical Studies contained a special Forum "Communities and Religious Identities in the Early Modern Francophone World, 1550-1700,"an outgrowth of series of panels held at the 2014 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference in honor of Barbara B. Diefendorf and the impact of her scholarship on the study of early modern history.

The French Historical Studies special forum was edited by Sara Beam, University of Victoria, and Megan Armstrong, McMaster University, and included essays by Barbara B. Diefendorf, Virginia Reinburg, Christian Grosse, Jérémie Foa, Scott M. Marr, and Keith P. Luria.

Beam and Armstrong have extended the forum into an issue of H-France Salon. First, two scholars, Hilary Bernstein and Penny Roberts, offer their reflections on the essays in the forum, and, second, Beam and Armstrong interview Barbara Diefendorf.


In Medias Res, A Review Essay
Hilary Bernstein, University of California, Santa Barbara

Conflict and Change in Early Modern Communities
Penny Roberts, University of Warwick


An Interview with Barbara Diefendorf (video)


H-France Salon, Volume 9 (2017), Issue 1, #1

The Impossible Subject of Charlie Hebdo

A Collaboration between Contemporary French Civilization and H-France Salon


The summer 2016 issue of Contemporary French Civilization presented a fascinating forum on Charlie Hebdo in the wake of the tragic events of January 2015.  Guest edited by Mayanthi Fernando and Catherine Raissiguier, the forum included an introduction, six articles, four vignettes, and two education portfolios.  In order to introduce this material broadly, the editor of Contemporary French Civilization, Denis M. Provencher, and the journal's publisher, Liverpool University Press, have agreed to make the Introduction publicly available HERE until 17 July 2017


H-France has commissioned a review of the entire forum by Michael O'Riley of The Colorado College.  Professor O'Riley's piece, entitled "Post-Charlie:  Community, Representation, and Terrorism's Foreclosures" is available HERE.


H-France Salon, Volume 8 (2016), Issue 11,
A Collaboration between French Historical Studies and H-France
Edited by Jean-Luc Chappey


The February 2015 and August 2016 issues of French Historical Studies presented a two-part forum entitled "Thermidor and the French Revolution" edited by Laura Mason, Johns Hopkins University.  H-France has developed an issue of H-France Salon to continue the conversation on the important articles in this forum.  Jean-Luc Chappey, Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine, has edited this salon.  The salon begins with a short introduction to the salon by Chappey.


Jean-Luc Chappey, "Introduction"


The salon then continues with two essays reflecting on the articles in the SFHS Forum:

Philippe Bourdin, Université Blaise-Pascal, "Continuité historique et écriture immédiate des événements révolutionnaires post-thermidoriens"

Hervé Leuwers, Université Lille 3 – UMR IRHiS, "Interroger le 9 Thermidor et ses suites"

The salon then concludes with a written conversation between Mason and Chappey on the issues raised in the original forum and the salon.

Jean-Luc Chappey and Laura Mason, "Le moment thermidorien – un « laboratoire politique »?"


H-France Salon, Volume 7 (2015), Issue 1

Marriage Equality in Contemporary France
A Collaboration between Contemporary French Civilization and H-France
Edited by David Kammerling Smith


In its December 2014 issue, Contemporary French Civilization​ published a special forum entitled "Au-delà du mariage: De l’égalité des droits à la critique des normes" guest edited by Éric Fassin and Daniel Borrillo.  In collaboration with Contemporary French Civilization, H-France developed an issue of H-France Salon to further the discussion over the issues raised in CFC.  In order to facilitate this collaboration, Liverpool University Press has kindly agreed to make freely available until 21 March 2015 Éric Fassin's article in the CFC special issue entitled, "Same-sex marriage, nation, and race: French political logics and rhetorics."  The article maybe accessed through the following link:
"Same-sex marriage, nation, and race: French political logics and rhetorics." 

This issue of H-France Salon contains two pieces.  

First, Carolyn Dean, Yale University offers a response to Éric Fassin's essay that seeks to clarify its arguments and offer broad comparisons:
    "Marriage for All—Theory of Gender for All:  A Response to Éric Fassin’s 'Same-Sex Marriage, Nation, and Race: French Political Logics and Rhetorics.'"
​Second, CFC Editor-in-Chief Denis Provencher interviews Éric Fassin with regard to his own essay, Carolyn Dean's response, and the CFC special issue.  


H-France Salon, Volume 6, Issue 11
Further Thoughts on the Historiography of Fascism in France

Edited by Sean Kennedy, University of New Brunswick

The following Salon was prepared as a continuing conversation of Kevin Passmore's article "The Historiography of 'Fascism' in France," French Historical Studies 37 (2014): 469-499.  
The Salon begins with a Comment by William Irvine, York University.
This is followed by Totalitarianism, the Social Sciences, and the Politicization of History, by Caroline Campbell, University of North Dakota.  
The Salon concludes with an online conversation between Kevin Passmore, Cardiff University and Sean Kennedy.
In order to facilitate the conversation, French Historical Studies is providing free access to Kevin Passmore's original article in FHS until 1 April 2015: http://fhs.dukejournals.org/content/37/3/469.full.pdf+html. 



H-France Salon, Volume 4, Issue 2

Edited by Samuel Moyn, Columbia University

The following Salon was prepared as a continuation of a forum entitled "Remembering Tony Judt:  A Forum" that appears in French Historical Studies  (volume 35, winter 2012).  The Salon begins with three essays and concludes with an online conversation between Julian Bourg, Boston College, and Samuel Moyn, Columbia University..


Peter E. Gordon, Harvard University    "Judgment, Understanding, and Tony Judt."

G. Daniel Cohen, Rice University    "Tony Judt, Historian."

Samuel Moyn, Columbia University    "Intellectuals, Reason, and History: In Memory of Tony Judt."


Click here for a conversation between Julian Bourg, Boston College, and Samuel Moyn, Columbia University.



H-France Salon, Volume 2, Issue 1

Edited by Sannon L. Fogg, Missouri University of Science and Technology

The following essays were prepared in response to Meaghan Emery’s article and Richard Golsan’s response to that article published in French Historical Studies 33:4 (Fall 2010).

Shannon L. Fogg, Missouri University of Science and Technology "The Case of Jean Giono – the Debate Continues."

Meaghan Emery, University of Vermont, "Of Historical Hindsight and Oversight, and Why Reopening Giono's Case Is a Worthy Endeavor."

Julian Jackson, Queen Mary University, London, "The Rural Fantasies of Jean Giono."

Vera Mark, Pennsylvania State University, "Negotiating Jean Giono: Texts, History, and Ethics."



H-France Salon, Volume 1, Issue 1

Edited by David Kammerling Smith, Eastern Illinois University

The following essays are a response to a forum on "Twenty Years after the Bicentennial" appearing in French Historical Studies (volume 32, fall 2009).

David A. Bell, The Johns Hopkins University, "A la recherche d'un nouveau paradigme?"

Peter R. Campbell, "Redefining the French Revolution. New directions, 1989–2009."

Rebecca L. Spang, Indiana University, "Self, Field, Myth: What We Will Have Been."

Responses to the Salon from the H-France Community.