A Note on Volume 12, Issue 2

As editor of Imaginaries, I apologize for publishing a review of Le bureau des légendes without adequate scrutiny. Readers of the site and members of our board highlighted ableist and sexist language as well as arguments that were insufficiently attentive to the complexities of post-colonial experience. I sincerely regret this lapse and have withdrawn the review. The author did not accept my offer to submit a revision, so Imaginaries will commission another essay about the series.  

I have also taken steps to strengthen Imaginaries’ review process to avoid reinforcing implicit bias. Last spring, I expanded and diversified the advisory board and, since then, have involved board members more systematically and directly in the review process. I enhanced guidelines for writers by outlining the H-France Common Understanding and including a link to the document itself. If any review does raise questions with me or assistant editor Corine Labridy, we will invite a relevant specialist from the board to assess it as well. Finally, I invite readers with questions or concerns about something that Imaginaries publishes to contact me or the board. Like all of H-France, this site strives for transparency and collegiality. 

My thanks to H-France and, above all, to the Imaginaries advisory board, for a willingness to discuss these matters and formulate best practices as we move forward. 


Laura Mason