The following syllabi have been submitted by the H-France Community.


Bernstein - History of France, 1515-1715

Caradonna - The History of Paris from Antiquity to the Present

Cole - Empire, War, and Modernity - France and the World in the 20th Century

Cole - The Revolutionary Century- France 1789-1900

Cole - Studies in Modern French History

Crubaugh - The Era of the French Revolution

Desan - The Old Regime and the French Revolution - Graduate Seminar

Desan - The Old Regime and the French Revolution

Desan - Empire in the French Revolutionary Era

Desan - Napoleon

Dew - Eighteenth-Century France

Dubrulle - Modern France

Fogarty - Islam, Immigration, Integration in Modern France

Fogarty - Race, Religion, and Gender in French Colonialism

Fogarty - France and Empire at War , 1914-1918

Fogarty - History of France since 1815

Gardner - The Mediterranean and France

Harp - Modern France

Harris - History of France, 1789-present

Harvey - The Old Regime and the French Revolution

Harvey - Contemporary French History

Martin - The French revolution

McQueen - Art and Politics in Second Empire France

Merriman - Revolutionary France, 1789-1871

Merriman - France since 1871

Miller - The French Revolution

Millington - From War to Revolution: France 1914-1968

Rivera - Modern France

Ross - Modern France

Ross - Gender and Citizenship in Modern France

Ross - French Revolution

Rushforth - France, Africa, and the Americas

Shusterman - Gender and Religion during the French Revolution

Shusterman - Church, State and Society in France

Shusterman - The French Revolution and Napoleon

Shusterman - Old Regime and Revolutionary France, 1700-1815

Smith - The French Revolution and the Origins of Modern Europe

Smith - French Revolution and Napoleonic Era

Smith - The French Empire Colonizers and Colonized

Walz - France under the Nazi Occupation

Whalen - Modern France

Whalen - Ancien Régime and French Revolution

Whalen - French Borderlands in North America

Whalen - Paris as Text and Context