H-France Forum Volume 8


Volume 8, Issue 1 (Winter 2013)

Geoffrey Koziol,The Politics of Memory and Identity in Carolingian Royal Diplomas:  The West Frankish Kingdom (840-987), Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy 19.  Turnhout, Belgium:  Brepols, 2012.  xix + 661 pp.  Map, figures, notes, bibliography, and index.  $145.00 U.S (cl.); 100.00 €.  ISBN 978-2-503-53595-1.

Review Essays:
Hans J. Hummer, Wayne State University.
Brigitte Bedos-Rezak, New York University.
Constance B. Bouchard, University of Akron.

Response Essay by Geoffrey Koziol, University of California, Berkeley.


Volume 8, Issue 2 (Spring 2013)

Richard F. Kuisel,The French Way: How France Embraced and Rejected American Values and Power, Princeton, N.J. and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2012. xxii + 487 pp. Figures, notes, bibliography, and index. $49.95 (cl). ISBN 978-0-691-15181-6.

Review Essays:
Rebecca Pulju, Kent State University.
Stephen Harp, University of Akron.
Helke Rausch, University of Freiburg.
Seth Armus, St. Joseph’s College (New York).

Response Essay by Richard F. Kuisel, Georgetown University.


Volume 8, Issue 3 (Summer 2013)

Arlette Jouanna, The Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre: The Mysteries of a Crime of State, trans. Joseph Bergin. Manchester, U.K. and New York, N.Y.: Manchester University Press, 2013. xiv + 271 pp. Glossary, appendix, bibliography, and index. $100.00 U.S. (hb). ISBN 978-0719088315.


Joseph Bergin, University of Manchester, Introduction
Mack Holt,  George Mason University
Diane Margolf, Colorado State University
Allan Tulchin, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Tingle, University of Plymouth
Arlette Jouanna,  Université de Montpellier-III (Emerita), Response


Volume 8, Issue 4 (Fall 2013)

Dominique Godineau, S’abréger les jours. Le suicide en France au XVIIIe siècle. Paris: Armand Colin, 2012. 336 pp.  Notes, tables, and bibliography. 24.00€ (pb). ISBN 978-2-200-24969-4.


Clare Crowston, University of Illinois

Déborah Cohen, Aix-Marseille Université

Alan Forrest, University of York

Vincent Denis, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

David Troyansky, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY

Réponse de Dominique Godineau, Université Rennes 2/CERHIO